Philosophy and content

We mean what we say ...

  • We mean what we say - we say what we think - and we act on the basis of our principles and in your interests. Our service is therefore always authentic, straightforward and open.
  • To further the interests of our clients, we are very happy to work actively, creatively and constructively with partners if this will be more advantageous for the preservation of our clients' interests.
  • We do not advertise and remain discreetly in the background by only passing on the value of our experience from various projects, not their content.
  • Our success is not based on the size of our company but on the quality and success of our work, satisfaction of our clients and our respect for them.
  • We specialise in projects which require intensive on-site support and experience and in which our service will result in added economic value for our clients.
  • This may simply involve a confidential collaboration with our clients and their partners to decide what is right and wrong for them.
  • Our trust is provided through the basis of integrity, wide-ranging experience and respect rather than through the visible presence of our company.
  • Only those who know both sides of the consultation spectrum are in a position to give advice. These decision mechanisms, especially in family-run businesses, are as familiar to us as the evaluation criteria and thought and action patterns of potential investors and purchasers.